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"Vous ne le voyez pas, mais le monde change sous vos pieds."

You don't see it but the world is changing under your feet. Epic forces, forces that we don't fully understand, are at work every day. 

The great earthquakes do not happen only to others and the one in 1755 in Lisbon was not just another earthquake. It swallowed up the capital of an empire and its shock waves accelerated history. And changed until today the way we see the world. The Great Lisbon Earthquake did not happen here by accident. Today, as 266 years ago, Portugal is situated on the border of tectonic plates and on the edge of two major seismic faults. 

Of all natural disasters, major earthquakes are the most unpredictable (if there is one thing that scientists agree on, it's the difficulty of predicting them). We know it will happen, we know where it will happen but we don't know when. Uncertainty tires us, we know. Discover, learn and experience for the first time, no. In a more open, more connected and more uncertain world, take two things for granted. It is not "if", it is "when". And, whatever happens, another one. We are better when we are ready. 

Quake. Expect the unexpected.