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Lisbon's newest immersive attraction

Take an incredible journey back in time to 1755 to relive Lisbon's most dramatic and transformative event - the Lisbon Earthquake. Learn about the history and science of earthquakes through state-of-the-art simulators, video-mapping and interactive 4D technology.

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2 Earthquake Simulators

4D immersive experience

Discover the science of Earthquakes

Roam the streets of 1755 Lisbon

Quake - Lisbon Earthquake Centre
170 reviews


Absolutely brilliant. Really immersive experience. Fantastic experience. Not like a tradional museum at all. Family loved it. We’ve been to a lot of museums, this one rates as one of the best of all. Go!

Louise C

The best museum I’ve been to!

All of your senses are stimulated, from amazing sound quality, brilliant video reels, smells and even heat from the burning buildings. It’s great for all ages and we would highly recommend a visit.


Unexpectedly brilliant

Excellent story telling, very informative, very well designed and organised. My 10 year olds loved it and have been pondering over the question posed throughout the experience: “what would you do?”

Lef S

Book in advance to save up to 10%*


About the Experience

Visit Quake to learn about the seismic activity that rippled through Lisbon in 1755. Going on this immersive experience, you will walk through the streets of the lost city, re-visit the horrors and wonders of that era, and watch the drama unfold before you. Get to know the heroes and villains from that time and enjoy being at the heart of the action leading to a major political, scientific and historical transformation all over the world.

Uncover the secrets of a lost Lisbon

10 'groundbreaking' immersive rooms

1.5 hour tour back in time to 1755

Available in 4 languages, Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

An exciting experience designed for all ages (above 6 years-old)

A visit suitable for schools, know more by contacting

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Feel the power of an earthquake

Quake is home to the story of the most extraordinary event: on the morning of the 1st of November 1755, an extremely violent earthquake destroyed Lisbon, followed by a tsunami and ranging fires that lasted a week. By entering in this experience you will feel and see the impact the earthquake had on the city and its people.

Are you ready to play a role in the unfolding of this 18th century catastrophe?

Explore a forgotten Lisbon

When walking through the streets of Lisbon today, the story of the Great Erathquake is lurking in every corner: the orthogonal plan of downtown, the proximity to the water, the many references still today in popular culture. But what happened to the vibrant medievel streets? And what reconstruction plans for the city were on the table? What historical, philosophical and scientific consequences did the earthquake have for an Europe in the Age of Enlightenment?

Travel into the past (and get back safe and sound) to discover how the earthquake forever changed the face of Lisbon and shook the old continent.

Are you prepared?

What causes earthquakes? And how does tectonic plate movement cause tsunamis? The Lisbon Earthquake was so deeply disturbing, that it had repercussions all over Europe and the World, still visible today. But many other seismic events have been affecting the globe through out time. At this cutting edge experience on geology and seismology you will learn more about earthquakes and how to prepare for them, understanding what the knowledge gained on the aftermath of the 1755 disaster represents for our present and future.

Are we (better) prepared today?