Come and teach with Quake, a unique experience for unique students: yours

At Quake, knowledge takes pride of place. Here, students and teachers can understand and unravel the events of November 1st 1755, the fateful day that changed Lisbon forever.

As an educator, you know this better than anyone: children and young people love to learn but hate paying attention. Take your students out of the classroom and try, even if only for a moment, to make them look away from their mobile phone screens. Take them back in time to the day of the catastrophe, during the Age of Enlightenment. Help them to better understand how the shockwaves from the Great Lisbon Earthquake reached the present day. And, on the way, changed the capital of an Empire and shook the Old Continent, speeding up History.

Show and see up close how the Marquês de Pombal, then Secretary of State, reacted. He went down in History for the efficient and determined way he responded to the disaster, fulfilling three objectives:

  • 1. Restore order by introducing immediate action measures, the so-called Providências;
  • 2. Understand the earthquake by launching a nationwide Inquiry into the events of that day;
  • 3. Rebuild the city by approving a new Lisbon Plan, a radical change in the city's urbanism.

Throughout this experience, you will be guided through the ancient and vibrant streets of 18th century Lisbon. You will be able to see and feel how it all happened. Back in the present, you can also learn all about earthquakes and the latest developments in the fields of seismology and geology. And through interactive training, you'll be even better prepared for the eventuality of a future earthquake.

At Quake, we combine fun and knowledge to offer you an experience you won't soon forget.

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