Everything you need to know about your trip back in time to 1755

The Lisbon that was lost

The city of Lisbon you visit today rests in the remains of a totally different city that existed until little more than 265 years ago. This “invisible city” was lost in one of the most impressive earthquakes of modern times and nobody knows exactly how it looked like.

A unique experience

Visit Quake to learn about the seismic activity that rippled through Lisbon in 1755. Going on this immersive experience, you will walk through the streets of the lost city, re-visit the horrors and wonders of that era, and watch the drama unfold before you. Get to know the heroes and villains from that time and enjoy being at the heart of the action leading to a major political, scientific and historical transformation all over the world.

A world in constant motion - the simulator

At Quake you will have the opportunity to relive this extraordinary earthquake - reproduced by a simulator in a safe environment, using video mapping and special effects. Through interactive stations you will also be able to learn more on the origin of earthquakes and tsunamis and better understand why Lisbon was so affected in 1755.

Be prepared

At Quake, knowledge has a special place. In addition to unveiling the events of 1st November 1755, here we seek to raise awareness on the need to adopt preventive meausures, providing information about existing civil protection plans and thus encouraging individual responsibility in the construction of a safer society. With Quake, be prepared and expect the unexpected.